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You’ve been pulled into an evil witch’s sweet candy world where nothing is as it seems. You have to climb against friends through giant candy courses in a race for your survival. Conquer your fear of heights and climb the fastest to have your chance on the winner’s podiums. The quicker you are to master leaps from huge cupcakes, massive lollipops, and gooey candy bars, the better rank you’ll have on the global scoreboards. Every time you win a race, you’ll get to choose the fate of your opponents: push the party button and everyone celebrates the chance to race again, or choose to dip them into a hot cauldron of melted chocolate. The choice is yours in this sweetly competitive land of candy!


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this Virtual Reality Game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

SweetEscapeVR.apk 1 GB


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Is this coming to App Lab? How would you handle keys for people who purchase this right now? I wouldn't want to have to re-buy it later on.

Hi!  No, we don't have plans yet for Sweet Escape to come to App Lab.  If we ever do move it over to App Lab, we wouldn't want you to have to re-buy it.  SO....we can gift you a download key for Sweet Escape on SideQuest as a Thank You for your support!  :-)

Also, in addition... we are working on another game and we are in a closed private beta right now looking for early testers. We are planning on having it be on App Lab.  The game is called Arena Rivals and the sign up link is here if you are interested --> http://goarenarivals.com/  

In the meantime, here is a download key for Sweet Escape on itch.io: 


Enjoy and Have Fun!

Thanks! That was indeed a fun game. Signed up for your beta testing too. Hope it all goes well! ;) 

How different is this to Climbey or To The Top? I don't see many mechanics besides just jumping and swinging around, are there any other mechanics?

Hi Meduzo! Thank you for the question. :-) 
Sweet Escape is a climbing game similar to those titles, however, our game is a sprint to the finish line by not only climbing but throwing and flinging yourself over vast distances. And we do it with candy. Our multiplayer allows for you to create your own rooms and invite up to 20 friends to join you as well.  Also Climbey or To The Top do not offer multiplayer on the Quest and we do. 
We are very much still developing Sweet Escape so any feedback would be welcomed.  support@sweetescapevr.com 
Thank you again Meduzo. We really appreciate it.  :-)